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Radar Software  v.1.4.2

This package is a collection of libraries, data processing filters, and UI applications to aid in the analysis and visualization of scientific data stored in the Radar Data

Qwt-plot3d  v.0.2.7

QwtPlot3D is a graphics extension to the Qt GUI application framework. It provides a 3D plotting widget for scientific data and mathematical expressions. It compares to the existing Qwt

SciDAVis  v.1.0

SciDAVis is a user-friendly data analysis and visualization program primarily aimed at high-quality plotting of scientific data. It strives to combine an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface with powerful features such as Python

Teem  v.rc

Teem is a set of ANSI C libraries for manipulation, measurement, and visualization of structured scientific data. Includes N-dimensional image I/O and processing, volume rendering, diffusion tensor processing, ray tracing, PostScript rendering, and

VisTools  v.0.95.2

Vistools is a set of tools to easily visualize some scientific data, without need to learn difficult API, so you can see your 3d results very quickly. Also some sci tools for which we made it, including vector field tracing and simple

The Gnuritas Project  v.1.0

The Gnuritas project aims at designing a "smart" and flexible framework and tools to manage and share knowledge, information and scientific data.

Vector Math  v.1.0

Vector Math is a C++ templated math library for 2D and 3D geometry applications, as scientific data visualization and physic engine development. One of the objectives is to have a syntax similar to Matlab, maintaining the performance.

Merope Astrophoto  v.1.0

Application for astronomical photos processing. Intended mainly for amateur astrophotography, for catching "beauty of the universe" rather than some serious scientific data. Includes automatic image registration.

3dengfx  v.1.0

3dengfx is a free cross platform 3D graphics engine, that provides a multi-layered abstraction mechanism for visualizing realtime 3D environments or scientific data, with a small emphasis towards special effects.

Phaser  v.1.0

Real-time volumetric rendering of four dimensional scientific data using OpenGL.Phaser is tool for drawing Ternary Phase diagrams.User can rotate,zoom,cut surface with different planes,compare different data sets and draw error bars for each point.

ChainLink  v.1.0

Qt4 GUI for scientific data analysis and visualization using Matlab (tm) style syntax. Link together Qt projects and other C++ libraries in an integrated user interface. For more information, visit:

GMol  v.1.0

gMol is an interactive visualization system used to display and manipulate 3-dimensional models of scientific data, such as molecular structures and surfaces. It contains both OpenGL and web browser widgets that enable flexible user interfaces.

DataDraw3D  v.1.0

DataDraw3d is a library and a programm for interactive displaying different kinds of scientific data in the interactive manner. It use OpenGL and/or GDK drawing facilities to archive best performance on high variety of platforms.

SADMAN  v.1.0

SADMAN is a project to develop an open-source, general-purpose Scientific Data Manager.

SciDatVis  v.1.0

The SciDatVis library provides a software layer that allows abstract definitions of scientific data graphs in C++ for visualization.

TrikeND  v.1.0

A modular framework build upon OSGi supporting scientific data interrogation, manipulation and visualisation.

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